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admin On August - 22 - 2013

Amazon Gift Card Generator – Money Adder v2.0

Updated and working Amazon Gift Card Generator:

-Are you looking for a perfect gift for any of your friends/family , well then you are in the right place, where you can redeem any amount of money into your Amazon or your friends Amazon accounts, just in a few clicks by using our Amazon Gift Card Generator. Whether it’s a birthday present, holiday gift, employee reward , an amazon gift card is always welcome by your friends.

How is our Amazon Gift Card Generator working ?

Amazon Gift Card Generator

-Well, as you would anticipate, we don’t want to talk very much about how we made this system up to work, as it’s a private method. The only things that i will share with you guys is that , this tool was coded in colaboration of 7 coders from worldwide community, to make this tool work on any part of the world. It wasn’t easy for us to make this tool finally to an end, after months of researching and fixing, we decided to share this tool with you guys, and get your feedback on it, reporting bugs/glitches or issues that occurs, before we are going to fully launch this tool on a private buyers plan, we need to know what we have to fix first.

-Basically, this tool is using it’s own resources to acces the SQL database of Amazon, yes you heard right, it acces the SQL database of Amazon, and this is a huge thing in order of software coding, as you all know amaons security system is on the top 10 in the world. After accesing it’s database, this tool is capable of editing your account informations by your own statistics added, improve your Amazon balance with different amounts of money just in a few clicks, and all it passes on their algorithm with their payment system so you won’t get caught by using this tool. Don’t spam it very much, a decent amount is about 500$/day , other than that will make suspicious activity on your account. Our tool is currently used by over 300 people, and growing.

Amazon Gift Card Generator Interface Screen

Amazon Gift Card Generator


Amazon Gift Card Generator v2.0 – Features – Tricks – Tips – Use Info

  • -Using private proxies to acces Amazon database, 100% undetectable.
  • -Safe and Secure against viruses and worms.
  • -Easy to use – Friendly Interface.
  • -5$/20$/50$/100$ – gift codes generated into your account.



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Size: 4.61 MB

Total Downloads: 667

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  1. just wondering how you made this? is it a secret? :O

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    Excellent worked…..As promised , definetly will add more .

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