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1x1.trans BitCoin Generator Tool v1.1

BitCoin Generator Tool v1.1

Updated and working BitCoin Generator:

1x1.trans BitCoin Generator Tool v1.1

-Do you want to increase your bitcoin wallet with some coins, and you don’t find a reliable and long term method that suits you ? Well, here at, our team of coders, have just developed a brand new tool, called the Bitcoin Generator, this tool is capable of generating a specified amount of bitcoins into your accoun wallet, just by a few clicks. The coding departement of this tool was really a pain, and it was really hard for us to keep this tool working on his specifications, but after some weeks of brainstorming we finally made it clear, and here we are with the release of the beta version of our tool. As you hear, we are releasing at first a beta version, that can be used by any user that is downloading our tool, for now we are giving up 500 beta versions, until the final release which will occur later this year. We are planning a long term journey with our bitcoin generator, so when the final version will be released we are going to charge a monthly payment subscription for our bitcoin generator. Until the official release, we are pleasing our beta testers to report us any troubles/bugs/glitches that may occur while using this tool, we are planning on fixing those unti the final release, so the bitcoin generator will be fully functional. Note that this generator will be available for free, if you are one of our beta testers in this early period.

Screen interface version 1.1 :

1x1.trans BitCoin Generator Tool v1.1

How does BitCoin Generator works and how those bitcoins will be available into my acocunt wallet ? It is safe to use this for my BitCoin account ?

-Well, when it comes about the mechanism of this tool, it will be a pain for us to explain you step by step every line of code that we used on this, but we won’t do that, we just gone give you some big poitns regarding our tool and what is capable of. Firstly, this BitCoin generator is performing a fully acces on BitCoin official SQL database. If you are wondering what is that place, well the SQL database is the spot where all the users informations are stored. After accesing their database, our tool is capable of changing your account info. Yes, that’s right, after accesing their SQL database we can change everything into any account of bitcoin, this thing includes Name, address and even the amount of bitcoins into your wallet.

1x1.trans BitCoin Generator Tool v1.1

-If you are not secure enough to try this tool, we can guarantee you 100% antiban system implemented, this tool is using his private proxy server on accessing BitCoin SQL database, so you have nothing to worry about, you can not be tracked by any means, and the generated bitcoins are permanently stored into your account, and you can use the for further actions.

1x1.trans BitCoin Generator Tool v1.1

BitCoin Generator Tool v2.9:

Status: Working…

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Name:  BitCoin Generator Tool v2.0

Size: 4.61 MB

Total Downloads: 261

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-Get the latest version of our software BitCoin Generator Tool v2.0

1x1.trans BitCoin Generator Tool v1.1

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1x1.trans BitCoin Generator Tool v1.1

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1x1.trans BitCoin Generator Tool v1.1

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