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1x1.trans Candy Crush Saga Hack Tool v1.0

Candy Crush Saga Hack Tool v1.0

Updated and working Candy Crush Saga Hack:

1x1.trans Candy Crush Saga Hack Tool v1.0

Hello and welcome to, we are hoping that you enjoy your stay . Here, at Get-Hack, we are a team of coders/developers/webdesingers that are putting effort into getting the latest softwares for games, softwares requested by you,  simply email us at about any software or hack you are looking for, and we will take a look on the number of requests and we will try to code it for you, in order to get the latest experience with Candy Crush, reaching the highest level possible, all that will be very easy to achive just by using our Candy Crush Saga Hack. As you may noticed, while browsing for Candy Crush Saga hacks or tools, there are plenty of fakes and unupdated tools that will only waste your precious time. Well, that’s not what we are going to do here, we are always planning long term journeys with our hacks, keeping them updated and available on a worldwide basis for our users. For now, we are going to release 500 beta version out, to test out the features of our hack and improve where we think is necessary. We are planning for a fully release, later this year , when we are going to charge a monthly payment subscription for using our tool, this charge will be implemented only for the user which will purchase the tool after the beta phase. As stated above, you can get this tool for free, and enjoy it with lifetime updates, all we want in exchange is your honest review regarding our software and also we are pleasing you to report back to us, any errors, glitches or bugs you may find while using our tool, please email us at . We will try to fix all the errors that occurs in our Candy Crush Saga hack, until the final release, so we can have a nice and clean software, easy to use and useful for the players of Candy Crush Saga .

Software Interace Screen:

1x1.trans Candy Crush Saga Hack Tool v1.0

What is Candy Crush Saga Hack and how it actually works ? It is safe to use it on my Candy Crush account ?

Well, when it comes about coding, we are pretty strict regarding our sfotware developing team, and we won’t share our secrets on this field, or our tools. I’ll try to explain to you, the basis on which this tool is running. Firstly, the main performed task on our side, is in connecting to Candy Crush Saga SQL database, where your account informations and statistics are stored, and available for theri data administrators. Once connected into theri SQL database, our tool is capable of changing your user informations and even improve your gameplay on a specified account, this includes lives/hammers/boosters or charms , all of those will be customized on your own pleasure if you are going to use our tool. Pretty  simple system, don’t you think ? Well, it wasn’t that easy if you saw the coding part on acccessing Candy Crush SQL database, pretty hard work, but we made it after all.

-If your concers are going into the safety area of our software, i can tell you that this software has until now 100% antiban protection, over 100 of users and none of them banned, we are also using our own private proxy system on accessing Candy Crush Saga SQL database, so you can not be tracked by any means, all the process on the Candy Crush Saga hack , is very safe and strict made by our team.

1x1.trans Candy Crush Saga Hack Tool v1.0

Candy Crush Saga Hack – Features

  • Lives and lollipop hammers generator software;
  • Unlimited charms and boosters tool;
  • Working on Android/iOS (connecting your devide to PC/Laptop);
  • Working worldwide without any limitations;
  • Easy to use and friendly interface;
  • Private proxy system implemented;
  • Safe and secure;

 1x1.trans Candy Crush Saga Hack Tool v1.0

Candy  Crush Saga Hack – How To Use – Step by Step Guide Info


Download our tool by clicking on the download button listed below (make sure you check the virus scan also for security reasons).

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Extract the files from the archive to a specified folder and run the executable file found in the archive.


Make sure you fill all the fields with the required informatiosn and press the ‘START HACK’ button.


Wait until the process is complete, these may takes from 10 to 20 minutes, our tool is not rushing this process as we are willing to make it as safe as we can.


Please send us your honest review at, and also report us any bugs or glitches that you may found during the process. We will try to fix them ASAP, and get back to you. Thank you for your colaboration and enjoy using our tools.

Enjoy using our Candy Crush Saga Hack !

1x1.trans Candy Crush Saga Hack Tool v1.0

Candy Crush Saga Hack Tool v1.0:

Status: Working…

Last time verified:

Name: Candy Crush Saga Hack Tool v1.0

Size: 4.61 MB

Total Downloads: 492

Rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

-Get the latest version of our software Candy Crush Saga Hack Tool v1.0

1x1.trans Candy Crush Saga Hack Tool v1.0

 Clcik below for Virus Scan

1x1.trans Candy Crush Saga Hack Tool v1.0

1x1.trans Candy Crush Saga Hack Tool v1.0

Having troubles downloading one of our files , click below for help !

1x1.trans Candy Crush Saga Hack Tool v1.0

Does Candy Crush Saga Hack v1.0 Work?

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