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1x1.trans HABBO Credits Generator Tool v1.7

HABBO Credits Generator Tool v1.7

Updated and working Habbo Credits Generator:

1x1.trans HABBO Credits Generator Tool v1.7

-Hello guys and welcome to our latest hack release. Are you looking for some credits in your HABBO account, and you are struggling finding the right tools to generate them ? Well, here at , we have just developed a new system implemented in our tools, that will generate you unlimited amount of credits into your desired account, those credits are fully legit and are generated through their algorithm so you have nothing to worry about. Maybe you have searched the internet and found a lot of tools regarding HABBO, i can assure you that most of them are fakes or unupdated ones, but we are not going to share such things. We are planning a long term journey using our HABBO hack, that’s why we are releasing it for first in the beta version for about 500 beta testers, the only thing we are charging in exchange is your honest review at . This tool will be fully launched on the market, later this year, and we are willing to implement a monthly payment subscription to our users, but for now you can grab this tool for free and test it out. Please report us any troubles/bugs or glitches you are having while using our HABBO credits generator, so we ca fix them until the final release date, thanks for your contribution.

1x1.trans HABBO Credits Generator Tool v1.7

What is HABBO Credits Generator and how it works ? Safe to use on my account ?

-Habbo Credits Generator is mainly a tool coded in C++ and Phyton, coded by our team here at We will try to explain you just the big hits that this tool is looking for. Firstly, Habbo Credits Generator is accesing HABBO SQL database, and searching for your username. The SQL database, si the place where all the accounts datas are stored and even statistics of the accounts. Once accessed, their database, this tool will change your account statistics with your desired amount of tokens, chosen by you, really simple to explain but it was really hard to code, and pass their security system.

-If we are talking about the safety of this tool, we can assure you with 100% antiban protection, as our tool is using his private proxy system on accessing HABBO servers, so you can not be tracked by any means, and your generated credits won’t be charged back, once generated into your account.

1x1.trans HABBO Credits Generator Tool v1.7

Habbo Credits Generator – How To Use – Step by Step Guide Info



Download our tool by clicking on the download button listed below (make sure you check the virus scan also for security reasons).


Extract the files from the archive to a specified folder and run the executable file found in the archive.


Make sure you fill all the fields with the required informatiosn and press the ‘GENERATE’ button.


Wait until the process is complete, these may takes from 10 to 20 minutes, our tool is not rushing this process as we are willing to make it as safe as we can.


Please send us your honest review at, and also report us any bugs or glitches that you may found during the process. We will try to fix them ASAP, and get back to you. Thank you for your colaboration and enjoy using our tools.


1x1.trans HABBO Credits Generator Tool v1.7

HABBO Credits Generator Tool v2.9:

Status: Working…

Last time verified:

Name:  Habbo Credits Generator  v1.7

Size: 4.61 MB

Total Downloads: 281

Rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

-Get the latest version of our software Habbo Credits Generator Tool v1.7

1x1.trans HABBO Credits Generator Tool v1.7

 Clcik below for Virus Scan

1x1.trans HABBO Credits Generator Tool v1.7

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1x1.trans HABBO Credits Generator Tool v1.7

Does Habbo Credits Generator v1.7 Work?

226 Votes for Yes
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