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admin On August - 23 - 2013

League of Legends Riot Points Generator Hack Tool v6.0

Updated and working League of Legends Riot Points Generator:

League of Legends Riot Points Generator

-Yes, you heard us right, we have finally developed our own Riot Points Generator Hack, this tool was coded in colaboration of different coders from all over the world, it wasn’t easy to decrypt the League of Legends SQL database,  but after some weeks of researching and brainstorming we finally made it, and now we are ready to release our Riot Points Generator tool to the public, to get you feedback and impressions regarding our software in order to improve it, cause in a few weeks we are planning to sell this tool at a decent price, but for now is in beta phase and we are just testing it, so feel free to download it and make sure you follow our instructions in order to redeem succsefully RP codes into your League of Legends account.


What is Riot Points Generator and how it actually works ? It is safe to use ?

-Well, when it comes about the coding part of the tool, we can not reveal a lot of informations cause we want our tool to be unique on this market, where you can find hundreds of tools that don’t work or either are not updated, just made to be functional for about a week or so than left. Our Riot Points Generator, is mainly working with the SQL database of the Riot  servers. As you know, every game with user interface has an SQL database, where they keep all the statistics/informations about your accounts. We managed to acces their database with some private proxies, and acces any account found on any server North/West/East , it really does not matter. After accesing their database our tool is capable of editing your user information, updating your account with riot points or even influence points, or even change your level/experience, but those things will not be used in this tool, we are only working with the RP area of the game.

Software Interface Screen:

Riot Points Generator

-If you were wondering, whether this tool is safe to use or not ? Well, as you know we can not guarantee you 100% unbanned protection, but their were only 3 cases until now, from over 600 users that got their accounts banned, we don’t think that the reason is about our software, but we will pass those cases. Just to make you secure, i can tell you that our tool is using private proxies, to connect with their database, and update your user informations, those updates passes into their payment system too, so you won’t get caught, only if someone reports you, a friend or someone you shared your hacking experience, so never trust anyone when it comes about RP codes. So, your riot points will be added into your accounts, just after our tool completes all the editing process , this may take about  10-20 minutes, but it will worth, we don’t want to rush the process. We just make it as safe as we can do it.


League of Legends Riot Points Generator – General Info – Features – Instructions – Tips – Tricks

  • riot points generating feature, custom amount generator;
  • influence points generating feature, custom amount;
  • detecting user server after account login info added;
  • private proxies incorporated for accesing League of Legends SQL database;
  • working worldwide without any limitations;
  • easy to use and friendly interface;
  • autoupdated weekly or when any problem occurs;
  • ++more features are coming in the future versions;
  • Riot Points Generator Proof

-Get unlimited amounts of riot points and influence points, by using our Riot Points Hack. Buy yourslef the latest champions , skinsand runes, and enjoy playing in diamond 3 with best League of Legends players. Stop playing for IP , play this game just for fun, with your friends. Share this tool with others and let us know your impressions regarding our software.


How to  Use – Important Steps – Follow them exactly

1. Download our software from the link below and extract the archive to an folder.

2. Before running the software make sure you are logged out from your League of Legends account.

3. Run the League of Legends Riot Points Generator executable file.

4. Enter your login informations and press LogIn , wait for a few seconds until we are checking your account info / servers and IP/RP statistics.

5. Choose the amount of riot points or influence points you are willing to add into your account. (up to 5000 daily recommended)

6. Press the generate button, and wait for about 10-20 minutes until the whole process is finished, as we told you before, our tool does not rush the process of redeeming points in order of safe and security.

7. After the process is finished, login back into your League of Legends account and enjoy your points .


Name:  League of Legends Riot Points Generator Tool v6.0

Size: 4.61 MB

Total Downloads: 651

Rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

-Get the latest version of our software Riot Points Generator Hack  Tool

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Does Riot Points Generator v6.0 Work?

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  1. Edwardsen says:

    Very easy and fast in use, good job guys, greetings from Sweden…

  2. Micheal O says:

    This works. 100% Any chance to get more features?

  3. Andrew says:

    Thanks for this tool, worth my time on getting it.

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