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1x1.trans Megapolis Hack Tool v2.5

Megapolis Hack Tool v2.5

Updated and working Megapolis Hack:

1x1.trans Megapolis Hack Tool v2.5

1x1.trans Megapolis Hack Tool v2.5

Hello and welcome at Get-Hack, we are hoping that you will enjoy your stay and enjoy using one of our developed softwares . Here, at Get-Hack, we are permanently developing tools and softwares based on users requests at, trying to improve their online experience with different platforms. Today , we are releasing to public, one of our latest tools coded by our coding department, after many requests on such a tool, this project was finally made by our coders, and we are ready to release it to public. Since, is quite hard nowadays to get some cash, coins or other items on Megapolis, our software will help you out and get those things more easier into your account. Probabbly you were already looking for such softwares, and you may find plenty of fakes and unupdated tools, but this is not what are you going to find here. Our tools are permenently updated and working, we are aware of giving to our users their best experience, planning long term journeys with our softwares. This tool will be released at first for 500 users, to test it out and letting us a period of fixing bugs. We are pleasing our beta testers to send us at, any email regarding bugs, gltiches or erros. We are going to fix all of those as soon as possible, making this tool as clean as it can be. Thank you for using our tools, and enjoy playing Megapolis with your friends, sharing this hack with them.

Latest Software Interface Screen:

1x1.trans Megapolis Hack Tool v2.5

What is Megapolis Hack and how it actually works ?

Well, when it comes about the coding part of our software, this tool was coded and developed under C++/Phyton coding languages, working on Windows/Mac/Linux, without any limitations . The main task performed by this software is in connecting into Megapolis SQL database, once connected into their database, this tool is capable of changing your account informations and statistics, this includes megabucks/coins and all resources changing system that is pretty incredible for a single tool, but if we are considering the process into connecting to their database is pretty complicated, this tool is worth his features . If you are worried about security, this Megapolis hack is using his own private proxy system to connect into Megapolis database, so you can not be tracked by any means, you have nothing to worry about .

1x1.trans Megapolis Hack Tool v2.5Megapolis Hack v2.7 – Features

  • Cash generator;
  • Unlimited coins adder;
  • Megabucks generator system;
  • Electricity hack;
  • Water supply hack;
  • Population hack and autoinvite options;
  • Browser selecting system;
  • Private proxy;
  • Safe and secure;
  • Easy to use and friendly interface;
  • Working on Windows/Linux/Mac;
  • Autoupdate system implemented;


1x1.trans Megapolis Hack Tool v2.5

Megapolis Hack v2.5:

Status: Working…

Last time verified:

Name: Megapolis Hack Tool v2.5:

Size: 4.61 MB

Total Downloads: 342

Rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

-Get the latest version of our software Megapolis Hack Tool v2.5

1x1.trans Megapolis Hack Tool v2.5

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1x1.trans Megapolis Hack Tool v2.5

1x1.trans Megapolis Hack Tool v2.5

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1x1.trans Megapolis Hack Tool v2.5

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